Where to Invest in Uasin Gishu

The county has identified tourism as a priority sector where investors are invited to partner with the county on the following strategic focal areas:

1. Entertainment, Hotels and Recreation Centers There is high demand for quality accommodation within the county. Kenya as a country also needs to increase its bed capacity for four-star and five-star accommodation from the current 18%.

2. MICE Tourism Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions The main purpose of MICE trips is business. Generally, they bring large groups together for a specific purpose. Other common terms are ‘Meetings industry’ or ‘Events industry’. MICE is a sub-segment of business travel, but it can also involve a leisure component. Developing MICE can have great advantages for a destination, such as:stimulating the tourism economy, especially in low season,developing of better tourism infrastructure,increasing tourism expenditure, MICE travelers generally spend more money than leisure travelers, in less time,converting MICE travelers into leisure travelers. MICE travelers can extend their stay, can be accompanied by their partner or can return with their family or friends. Meetings In meetings, groups of at least 10 people from corporate organizations come together in one place. This can be on an adhoc basis or according to a set pattern. Examples are: Annual meetings Board meetings Sales meetings Product launches Presentations Training. Incentives Incentives are corporate-sponsored trips for employees, distributors or clients. Unlike the other types of MICE, incentives are focused on leisure rather than business. Companies use them to:reward performance,motivate work effort,create company loyalty Conferences Conferences are meetings where hundreds or thousands of people participate. These people share a common interest, such as their job or industry, culture, religion or hobby. They are often organized by industry or trade associations. Other MICE definitions may use the term congresses or conventions for similar meetings. Exhibitions Exhibitions are professionally organized events where products and services are displayed. They are a cost-effective way for buyers and sellers to meet. Most exhibitions take place annually, at the same location. They are usually organized by associations. Other MICE definitions may use the term events. However, this term can be misleading. Tourism related events often attract more leisure travelers than business/professional travelers. Think of the World Cup, the Olympics or Formula 1.

3. Medical Tourism

4. Cultural Tourism

5. Sports Tourism Uasin Gishu is a center for cultural, arts and sports. The county is seeking investment partners in sports stadia, sporting activities.

6. Agro Tourism