Tourism Product Development

This involves the projects on Tourism that the department are still working on. Most of these projects are lucrative and essential in Establishing a firm tourism Base in Uasin Gishu County and in diversifying the perception of the county beyond what it is known for.

River Sosiani Nature and Amusement Park

Since time immemorial, River Sosiani has acted as a source of livelihood and as a bread basket for Residents from Uasin Gishu and the Regions around it. There are plans by and from the county to rehabilitate River Sosiani, The plans extend to the creation of an amusement park that will see Residents and visitors alike have fun and make merry with their families. The plans have already been rolled out, in addition to that River sosiani already provides for an ample environment for a nature walk and Bird watching due to the thick forest cover around it.

Kapsiliot Hills

This beauty of nature stands tall in Karuna, Meibeki Ward. The hills are a soft spot to the eye as they have distinct summits. The gradual slope allows for various recreational activities including Hiking, adventure, nature walks and may even be used as a worship destination. The County Government seeks to explore and implore all the avenues possible to preserve the site as a tourism destination. In addition, the county seeks to erect a monument at the peak of the hills. The monument was first erected in the 1870s by a christian Missionary, DR David Livingstone who was credited with helping to end slave trade within the East African Countries. The monument was destroyed by some people in the 1980s because of suspicion that it had mercury inside. The exact replica of the monument is to be set up in the same place as this is a tourism site, set to draw people with a historical interest or with different interests on the same.

Proposed Chebororwa Wildlife Conservancy

This conservancy was created by the community many years back. The conservancy seeks to preserve an assorted wildlife species. The Conservancy is also a hub of a variety of other tourism variables i.e Agro-Tourism, Rift Valley Panorama , And Uasin Gishu Plateaus site viewing. The County Government in conjunction with Kenya Wildlife Service are in the process of Developing the conservancy. The Conservancy is located in an area with a rocky terrain, Thick Vegetation cover and a breathtaking view of the hills and the escarpment, therefore provides an environment for adventure, relaxation, recreational activities as well as game viewing.

Kesses Dam

Kesses Dam is an existing Community Based Tourism site. The site provides an environment for various recreational activities including Boat Riding, Fishing, Bird watching among others. The county Government seeks to intently develop and invest in the Dam to be able to attract more tourists outside the county. The idea is to tap into the potential of Kesses Dam with all its beauty and splendor as well as enhancing the surroundings to make it a haven of relaxation and fun.

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