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Uasin Gishu is located in the heart of rift valley, in a plateau and as such is graced by a cool and temperate climate. Other than Uasin Gishu being the source of champions, it also harbors a few hot spots for relaxation and come. Here is a list of some of them;

Kesses Dam

Kesses Dam is located in Kesses Sub County. The water body is situated close to Moi University and serves as a recreational Center for the students, locals and from people within and outside the county.

Some of the activities to look forward to when visiting this beautiful place is;

  • Boat Riding
  • Fishing
  • Bird Watching
  • Sitatunga Viewing

The surrounding environment is cool and serene and provides a cool environment for relaxation. It is undoubtedly a fun and an engaging environment.

Koromosho Waterfalls

Located 20 kilometers West of Eldoret Town, the majestic falls pour down a 70 meters cliff that separates the flat land from a rocky escarpment and hence the Breathtaking view.

The falls are surrounded by forest vegetation and have a rocky terrain hence gives room for a little Nature trek while enjoying the cool breeze created by the water fall as it joins the river.

The area boasts of fresh and clean air to breath. Some of the activities carried out here include;

  • Bird Watching
  • Nature walks

The area boasts of fresh air and breathtaking views and sites, also this is the perfect environment for taking photos.

Poa Place

Kapsiliot Hills

Proposed River Sosiani Nature and Amusement Park

River Sosiani is one of the nine major tributaries of River Tranzoia that drain into Lk Victoria. The river flows through Eldoret and is a source of water to many livelihoods and provides food supplies such as food to the population living downstream.

Plans to create a nature park are underway, the park is set to be built along the river stretch with the various activities put in place to ascertain that the locals and visitors alike get to enjoy the site and the beauty that comes with it.

A stretch of trees have been planted along the river and as such give visitors a cool and calm environment for a nature walk. People set to visit the site are set to enjoy breathtaking biodiversity resources, while at it you cannot miss an opportunity or two for Bird watching.

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